Domestic Recycling Centres

Green Points Paphos

Domestic Recycling Centres of Paphos

The following are not accepted at any Green Points Recycling Centre:

1. Commercial waste (commercial green and cardboard waste). Clinical
waste. Mixed household organic kitchen waste and food
2. Asbestos and plasterboard waste.
3. Dangerous household waste (pesticides, gasoline, diesel, alcohol or
other chemicals)
4. Old or new vehicle tires.

The following material are accepted at each Green Point:
1. Inactive debris (rubble, plasters, cements),
2. radiographs,
3. aluminum,
4. glass,
5. furniture,
6. thermometers,
7. Grass clippings
8. Lamps
9. Metal objects (scrap iron, radiators, etc.),
10. DIY materials (tiles, sanitary ware, etc.),
11. batteries (vehicles),
12. wood,
13. Games and toys
14 plastic containers and plastic,
16. Mattresses
17. Cleaning agents (brooms, mops),
18. packaging material (cardboard),
19. fabrics,
20. Carpet and rugs
21. medical preparations,
22. paper
23. Water based paints.

Green Points Paphos
Green Points are household recycling centers for the collection of
waste that can’t be put out for collection with household waste.
Green Points are aimed at the collection and recycling of special
categories of materials and waste which are not accepted in landfills
and which citizens are used to placing in bins with other household
waste or is sometimes illegally dumped in the countryside.
At the Green Points there are special arrangements and areas where the
citizens can place specific waste items such as paper, glass, grass
clipping, furniture etc… (See the list of permitted items).
These points have been designated based in the population to be served
at every point, the distance of the furthest home from the point and
the time it takes the furthest citizen to carry waste from their house
to the point.
The project is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund if the E.U.

Opening hours:
Summer hours (April to September):
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am-6pm.
Saturday, 9am-4pm.

Winter hours (October to March):
Monday, 8am-6pm.
Wednesday and Friday, 8am-4.30pm.
Saturday, 9am-3pm.

Closed public holidays.
For more information contact Evanthis Dimosthenous: 26 934 106.

Instruction upon arrival
When you arrive at the Green Point with your car, you will be greeted
by a staff member who will check your waste that you want to dispose
of and ask some details in order to complete a form regarding the
goods you will dispose of. You will be given a photocopy of the form
and then shown where you must take the waste items.
Around the area there are large metal bins and in front of every bin
there is a sign with the item that can go inside that bin. There are
also plastic bins of different sizes and colors and these have
stickers on them showing what items can go in each bin.
The staff at the Green Point will guide you as to correct bins for
your waste.
Citizen will not pay for taking their items to these points.

Find one of the Green Points near you.

Green Point Koloni (roundabout Koloni)
Green Point Agia Varvara (North Warehouse AHK)
Green Point Pegia (road to Akourso)
Green Point Chrysochou village near Polis (next to the waste dump

9 Jul 2015

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